Track switching audio dropouts

Hi there,

I’ve read a bit about the track switching problems where the audio drops out, but I was struggling to find a fix that applied (or confirmation this hasn’t been fixed)…never had this problem in C7!

I’m running a 5960x with 64gbs RAM on an asrock board, geforce 970, with the project playing back entirely from a pcie nvme disk…so horsepower isn’t the problem. No latencymon issues. If I turn Asioguard completely off - for everything - the problem is exactly the same, switching from any track to any track in the project windows causes the audio to drop out for a half second or so. I am running VE Pro on two slaves but the same thing happens even in a session with no ve-pro instruments loaded - just one Kontakt instance. Or even just a few audio tracks.

I also have a big issue where if I open the edit window for a midi part, and select, say the draw automation/midi cc data curve tool, which I usually have set to the parabola option…that sometimes causes a similar audio dropout - I notice the playback line stops for a second and isn’t smooth - but wasn’t sure if this was connected…

Many thanks for any pointers and apologies if I missed the answer already in a thread!

Solved! Latest update to vienna worked…no idea why it would effect anything else.
I still have a slightly audio dropout when changing tools in the key editor…baffled by that, but it only happens occasionally…