Track Timing issue

I’ve bumped into the situation where tracks that were timed perfectly in Cubase 12 are late by maybe 500ms when imported into VST Live. Here’s a rough background:

  1. The project has 7 tracks:
    a.) One vocal
    b.) One guitar
    c.) One Lead guitar
    d) One audio click generated by Cubase: Project-> Signature Track → Render Audio Click between locators.
    e.)A tempo track with variable tempo values (created with Project → Tempo Detection)
    f.) A signature track, in this case one entry of 4/4
    g.) A Marker track which holds the lyrics to the song.
    The guitar solo starts in bar 66 and is in perfect sync with the rest of the song in Cubase. When I export using File → VST Live → Export Media Project then import it into Live, the solo is no longer in time. This behavior is consistent if I import the song into a new or existing project.
    I realize that will be difficult to reproduce in your lab environment, I’ll attach the (3.4 KB)
    project file if that helps. Please let me know what else I can supply to help narrow this one down.

… quick question. Are you running any plug-ins on your audio tracks? Which one? Do they have latency?


Hi Michael,

Nope - no plugins at all (in either Cubase or Live) - all my audio is “dry”


… Ok. Can you give me your cpr file? I don’t need the media, just the Cubase project file.

/Michael. (60.6 KB)
…attached per your request. -e

@ericwentz, a PM is on its way. Let’s continue offline for the moment. We’ll return to the topic, when we know more about the problem.


@Spork - Hi Michael, I’ve run into another project with timing issues. I’m using the 1.1.65 build. Similar to the other one where the click and music are timed up perfectly in Cubase, but when I perform the Cubase VL export then pull the file into VL the audio tracks are shifted backwards by a bit. One very subtle visual cue that I just noticed is that the tracks appear to shift when the project window displays the song name in the setlist column. I’m going to PM you a link to a zip file which contains my entire Cubase and VSL project files. As always, I’ll supply any additional information that you may need. -e

One more thing I just noticed. If I export un-edited tracks from Cubase, the timing works just fine. Many times, I’ll remove the first couple bars of audio (scissors & erase) in Cubase to remove some some introductory stuff I don’t want. These tracks are the ones with the timing issues. So, to reproduce:

  1. In cubase, remove something from the front of an audio track
  2. VL Export and import
  3. Timing issues.

Hope this helps reproduce the issue.

… it’s fixed. Thank you for reporting. And thank you for your project which you have sent me. It helped a lot.


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I just installed 1.1.66 - works perfect - thank you. -ew