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I have chosen a metadata setting that allows to have the CD track name on the individual track name when exporting .wav of each track : For the metadata “TIT2”, I put : @CdTextTrackTitle@

However, when editing the track sheet (to accompany the DDP for example), the TITLE of each song is filled with the name of the source file (the mixer’s), instead of the track name indicated in CD text.

I don’t think there is a standard for the name of this specific field, and I would like to see the name of the song and not the name of the source file indicated here.

Is this setting possible please, because I did not find it in the metadata settings (CART & ID3)

Thanks in advance.

I think you might be the person that emailed me and said that you have some of my settings.

Here is my philosophy and explanation behind the settings and workflow:

  1. The CD Wizard creates marker names based on the source file name. If these are my captures from analog, they are already perfectly named. If I’m working “in the box” and the file still has the same name from the mixing engineer, then the markers of course take on that name.

In this case, I rename the markers EXACTLY what the song titles should be. Not the Clip names, the marker names that the CD Wizard generates.

  1. Then I use the simple button in the CD-Text Editor to push all the marker names to CD-Text names. This saves from having to enter anything twice.

  2. Since CD-Text is limited to ASCII characters, sometimes I have to simplify the titles in the CD-Text Editor if the song names have special characters. No big deal.

Then, when I render using my Render Presets and Metadata Preset, this is what happens:

  1. The file name is taken from the CD-Text, plus a numeric prefix to denote the track number. This makes for SAFE file naming. No special characters which is good for safe file names.

  2. The metadata song title is taken from the Marker Name which does allow for special characters.

So I think the answer is this:

Clean up the marker names first so they don’t have the same name as the source file, and the rest is pretty automatic.

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Thank you Justin. Indeed I’m this guy :wink: But my question here is more about the CD track sheet report.

What I understand now, and as I replay now your workflow video, the CD tab and the Clips tab are 2 distinct tabs when it comes about the names. I wanted to keep the file names as they are to identify it more easily if I have to replace it later. I thought the CD tab was the only place where I can read them… but I can read them it in the Files tab, and changing the names in the CD tab doesn’t affect names in the Files tab, and vice versa.
So it makes totally sense to cleanup the names in the CD tab, so I can have it on the CD track sheet report.

Also, as there is a “simple” button to catch all the file names to the CD text, I wish there was another simple button somewhere to catch the CDtext Track names to the CD Track names… in case I first edit the cd text informations.

I think you answered well to my question :wink:

Have a nice day…

If it helps, there is an option in the CD Tab to rename the CD Track Markers from the CD-Text:

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Damned !!

Perfect !!

Thanks !!

No problem. I know your question was about the Audio CD Report/Track Sheet but the answer comes from a bigger picture perspective:

  1. Don’t alter the clip names so you know what the source file name is if ever needed. I never alter the Clip names, only the Marker names.

  2. Use the CD Wizard to generate markers for each song. The marker names come from the source file name so if the marker names are not correct, I copy and paste in the exact song titles for each CD Marker name. My captures from analog are always perfectly named as each final song title but when working in the box, I need to clean up the marker names to change them from the original file names, to the actual song titles.

  3. Then with the press of one button in the CD-Text Editor pop up window, I can populate the names of all the CD Tracks based on the correct marker names I just created.

If any names contain special characters, or characters that are illegal for CD-Text, I can fix them in the CD-Text Editor pop up window. Special or illegal characters will show up as a question mark in the CD-Text Editor pop up window so you can know to replace them with safer characters.

Then, with the right Render Presets and Metadata preset, the rendered files are named safely (no dangerous characters) via the CD-Text titles (plus number prefix or optional suffix if desired), the metadata for the rendered files is pulled from the CD Track Marker name so that if any special characters exist, they are present in the metadata which can support special characters, unlike CD-Text.

Then the Audio CD Report will have clean, full, and correct titles for each track name, and can also show the exact CD-Text too.

I use this setting for basic CD/Digital Masters:

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