Track to Lanes?

Is there an easy way to import a bunch of audio tracks and then creating separate lanes of all these tracks automaticvally? Right now I am importing all the takes and then manually dragging them into lanes which takes forever!


I don’t think, there is this kind of function.

What I would do:

  • While Import, import all files to single track.
  • Set the Playback cursor the start position, where you want to have your audio events.
  • Run this chain of commands (you could make a Macro out of it):
    – Right arrow: Select next event
    – Ctrl+X
    – Ctrl+V
    -> All events are at the same track, and all starts at the same position.

Unfortunately, they are not in the lanes.

  • Open the Lanes.
  • Move them to the lanes. Or use again:
    – Select in the most top track
    – Ctrl+X
    – Select the last empty lane
    – Ctrl+V