Track to show only in console and not in project


How can I ensure a Cubase track appears solely in the mixer and not in the project window? I have a VCA fader, but I want it to be visible only in the MixConsole and not in the project window.

Edit: this post wasn’t the right answer:

maybe manage via the visibility options?

Track Visibility

But my other post was.

This doesn’t work! I knew this since c8. But it’s either visible in both project window and mixconsole or invisible in both.

This works for me:

Project file: (31.8 KB)

The trick may be to turn off the visibility of VCA Fader tracks in the Project window before adding the VCA fader via the MixConsole.


There is a button (on the Track Visibility tab I think, not at Cubase for pic) to sync Tracks between the MixConsole and Project Windows. Disable it.

But I can repurpose @Nico5 's pic. I think it’s what I’ve circled in red (hover & it will tell you for sure).


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Hello, the link you send me in reply was showing the setting I was changing and was not working.

Thank you @Nico5 and @raino for help.

Yeah - sorry about the first link - that was misleading for this situation.