Track transponse flanging effect

I thought I could thicken up a track by making a duplicate of it and transposing each +/- a few cents.

Instead of getting a thicker sound I get a flanging effect. Why is that?

How did you go about transposing the tracks?

That’s vital information, indeed.

But couple of quick recommendations, anyway.

  1. Try transposing track more and more until flanging effect disappears.
  2. Add small delay (about 2 to 5 ms) on transposed track

Using the track properties “Transpose” controls at the top of the track window. I tried with the audio clip in both Elastique Time and Pitch modes and got the same result.

I did not try processing the track off-line in the audio editor. Maybe that would give a different result but if so, why?

Tried that but “flanging effect” speed increases into a flutter beyond which it starts to sound like a harmony part.

I didn’t mess with track delay but it’s possible the transposing function causes some delay. WIll check that out.