Track version doesn't bother with automation

Is it real ? Track version doesn’t bother with automation ? Or is it me missing something ?

If it’s no the latter, i think, i suggest, i beg if it could be in the next update. Track version should retain automation for each version.

Yes, unfortunately automation is not included in Track Versions. Hopefully it will be in the future.

Don’t think it ever will, track versions are for the content/media only.
If automation would to be added, then one could argue that Inserts should be added, and and and…
That would defeat the purpose, as it now would be just another comple track, hidden behind a track version.
That is how i think the logic behind the implementation of Track Versions is.
I could be wrong .

Hmmmm. I think, the same way we choose what is linked when linking tracks, we should be able to choose what to link to versions.

On a side note, it makes me think you cannot add a track to a group that is linked to a VCA, in case you want that new track to be linked too, and it’s absurdly crazy.

That’d be nice!

Sounds good to me! One of the other DAWs (sorry I forget which one) has a feature called ‘Mix Compare’ where you can select some/all tracks and change between different stored versions which include changing all the plugins/EQ/automation/Audio/MIDI data, even the settings on your VSTi synths (I think you have various options to decide what is included in the change). Very very powerful. I would love to see this in Cubase.

Just checked and the DAW is Sonar. The feature is called ‘Mix Recall’.
Check it here:

Makes complete and total sense to me.

Something simple like this, my design proposal :wink:
track version dreams.JPG
Checkbox matrix, just tick what you want from which version.

Not to me. I often have to write zillions of different versions for a music cue in a movie soundtrack. I would love, for exemple, that my midi tracks and their instrument automations would be tight in a track version, a la playlist from PT. Using more and more tracks doesn’t help in the case of too much tracks already.

That looks like a great feature!