Track version vs lanes

I’ve previously just used track versions if I wanted to do multiple takes of the same instrument/vocal, but then found the simplicity of using lanes.

My question - since we have lanes, what would one use Track Versions for then?

Or have I completely missed something about how these are meant to be utilized?

Lanes are belonging to one track. With track versions you can chain several tracks with the the same track version id and switch them together, with one key command. So it is easy to check alternative versions of a bridge for example.

A couple of examples.

Say you record multiple takes of a singer and then comp that into a single performance. You’d use Lanes for that.

On the other hand if you wanted to try out having your bridge go into a chorus or the bridge go into a verse, you’d use Track Versions for that. Or if you had two different chord progressions, use versions to switch between them.

Also versions can be renamed to indicate what’s on them, Lanes can’t.


I’ve just been trying them out - once applied they make a lot of sense!

I use track versions as “backup”, like this:

  • Record a number of takes, into various lanes if so desired.
  • Immediately after I create a duplicate track version and work on the duplicate ONLY, let’s say I comp those takes.
  • I then use new duplicate track versions incrementally after each major editing operation (pitch correction, trimming, sliding, etc.). That way I’ve always got one version untouched by the last editing.

Just my 2c,


Before track versions I used to park a lot of tracks in an ‘edit’ folder just in case I would want to go back. Way nicer as track versions as everything’s in place automatically.