Track versions doesn't work for automation lanes? What's up with that?

That seems odd. I do so much in automation lanes. It seems like track versions would be a prime candidate for letting you do different versions of automation lanes?

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Thank you!! I have been asking for multiple automation passes for ever and track versions would be perfect for that ! ,and if you did do a completely different take it would have its own automation pass anyway

+1, until you said something I had no idea automation wasn’t carrying over.

Not the feature request forum, but +1. It makes little sense right now.

Totally. It seemed so obvious, I thought I must be missing something. I will post it on the feature request forum.

Independent automation but also a copy function would be nice.

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hmmm…so automation follow events does not work with track versions?


Seems obvious to me it should if that is active.

If you mean copying automation, you can do that with the range tool.

I created a request for this idea, so if you like this idea, please +1 there.



While we wait for the new feature…I’ve just built a macro to clone a new copy of the selected track(s) and mute the old one(s). Another macro launches a Project Logic Editor that stashes selected tracks into a ‘versions’ folder out of the way.

It’s also possible to automate the entire DAW and all of his hosted plugins via MIDI tracks and MIDI Events (MIDI Track --> virtual loop-back port --> Generic Remote Device). One cool thing about this approach is that one could set a section of music on loop, hit play, and automatically do a different version each time it loops. (Info on Virtual Ports for PC, and for Mac)

Once things are done freeze the take into real VST/i automation lanes. Some can actually be copied and pasted directly once extracted to a track’s CC automation lanes…for those that can’t, just toggle write on all the plugins automation lanes and play a pass.

Why bother with such a 1990s style work-around? Because MIDI recording in Cubase has quite a few options on how it handles recording cycles (Start a new track, or a new version, or a new part on the same track, or merged in the same part, or overwriting the part, etc.). You’ve also got ‘introspective’ MIDI recording as well, so even if you didn’t have an automation track armed for recording at the time you did something interesting, you can paste the MIDI buffer contents right into a track and save that impromptu inspiration. MIDI recording also gives more flexibility on manipulating punch points on the fly (which can also be automated via the Generic Remote Maps).

Another advantage to keeping automation in MIDI parts is that the MIDI Logic Editors really come in handy! Drawing in new stuff at your chosen resolution, and editing in general is a good deal more intuitive and powerful in the Key Editor than anything we get in the VST automation lanes.

One can also take advantage of various MIDI insert plugins such as Auto LFO.

Nice. For me, right now my workaround is to just duplicate the track and disable and hide the old track. I usually just want to have an alternate idea and test it to see which idea I like better, so only one extra duplicate usually does the trick for me.


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I just tried the duplicate track and run different automation passes…cool ,there is a logical preset that can duplicate and remove all automation on selected track …I’m gonna make a macro to do vol