Track Versions For Automation & VSTis

Track Versions are a big -meh- for me. If I were a true recording engineer (acquisition) I’d be more excited. But I do MIDI orchestrations -and- audio and very little of it is done in a linear way, ie…

  1. Record Everything on Monday
  2. Mix on Tuesday.

That’s not how I roll.

What I -really- need is not so much Mixer Undo (which is a super-popular F/R) but rather… a snapshot of the entire VSTi automation. IOW: A Track Version for VSTis.

Eg. I record a B4 performance. It’s MIDI, but it’s also got tons of drawbar changes, expression, leslie on/off. I want to be able to do 10 takes and have all those changes recorded as V1, V2, V3. etc.

This would actually be MUCH more valuable to me than a Mixer Undo because an Undo is a one-way deal. But a whole performance (ie. 10 Track Versions of all the parameter changes) that I can see and then edit each automation point individually? MAN, WOULD THAT BE GREAT!

Are the drawbar changes, expression, leslie on/off etc being controlled by MIDI CC?

In some cases yes. In others eg. Guitar rig, no. My point is that a track version doesn’t help if it doesn’t include all automation of the performance.

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Wow- Guitar Rig can’t be sent CC to control all it’s parameters. Odd.

You gonna wait till the trial’s over to do that?

The whole point of this thread is that, as it stands track versions don’t record what I would consider tone a complete PERFORMANCE… Which should include all automation, either midi or audio.

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