Track versions

Hello. Is there a way to move all the track versions of a track at the same time?

![Nuendo 12 2024.04.14 -|video]

Oh i can´t see the video i don´t know why here is in drive


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That would defeat the reason for having different versions in the first place, don’t you think?

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Kind of depends on what you are using the versions for. I mostly use them for editing versions of (sung) vocals.
EG First version: All takes in lanes, 2:nd remove overlaps. 3:rd. Vocal tuning. and so on. Allows you to bounce Melodyne and RX stuff and an easy way to go back and try another take on a word or phrase. And if I edit song structure, I might want all versions to follow. Just one example.

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I could imagine using it while editing long voice recordings. Let’s say you have a narrator whose breathing sounds annoying and you don’t want to edit every single breath on a 2 h recording. So you try some de-breath tools in different strengths that are pre-processed because DOP can be a bit tricky with large files. But every once in a while de-breath hits some speech and you want to quickly revert the processing for just that word. If the original track version doesn’t move along with my edits you’d have a hard time finding that word in the original track.

What else would be the proper way to do something like this in Nuendo? We don’t have edit groups like in Pro Tools, haven’t we? I know we have folders but I want to do the cuts on the waveform not on some empty block some lanes above.

Something like that… You have several versions 2 or 3 of DOP with different parameters. To make the comparison, I think it is faster with track versions than with lanes. Then the director comes up with the brilliant idea of shortening or lengthening some scenes, leaving the other versions out of square.