Track Visabilty

Been stewing up some large templates and noticed something strange, it might be me not fully understanding the options available but…

In the MC add 16 groups with eight fx channels going into 32 outputs to external mixer (appear in folders of the project/arrange page and in the MC

In the project page on track list visibility tab all the other types, audio, midi,vst ect they all show up, ok, so far so good.

Though when I set about hiding tracks using the new feature, I can switch certain ones on and off, great stuff. But when I try to hide the multi outs (to the external mix system) groups and FX tracks, they do disappear on the project/arrange page but not off the MC which is weird.

They can be clicked in and out of sight using the filter track types drop down, but not from the track list
Tried all the options offered (sync project and mix console and sync track/channel filter types all the configurations on the MC to try get them doing what they should but getting nowhere!

Has any one else had this issue, it repro’s every time so is it a 7.5 issues, is it meant to work like this, or is it me?

Be grateful if some one could try to repro it and post the results.


first you have to sync the project and MC visibility if u haven’t yet/(next to the visibility text to the right in project visibility tab,sync MC and sync the track/channel filter type too (global synch tr/ch type filter for all 3 mixers))

for me all work as should, except in/out faders.( u have to automate them to have the in/out showing in projects track folder :confused: they should change it in my opinion to be visible from the start)

now visibility work fine also with in/out,
(but still if i chose to not see in/out from MC filter ch type it won’t work. probably cuz there is no in/out filter ch type for in/out in project visibility ))

Edit: ok i saw u did sync… anyway all channels type are sync well here… all appear/hide as should (again only after i see in/out channels in project window too)

Thanks for checking that, its a perplexing oddity though migrating over to a new i7 build this week so it will be interesting to see how fresh install on a new machine perofrms