Track Visibility Configuration doesn't work as expected when using the track divider

When I set some tracks as visible, add new configuration… and then do another configuration, each new configuration is the same as the last. Whichever configuration I choose, it show the same set of tracks.

Hm. Are you sure you’re adding the visibility configurations in the project window?

I believe so. In the project window, on the left (inspector area) I choose the “visibility” tab on the top, and the “tracks” tab on the bottom, I check mark a few tracks, do the “add configuration”… but with each new saved configuration it do (with different tracks checked), when I select an older one, it doesn’t go back to the prior set that I had checked.

I booted up 10.5 here before answering and it works for me.

Maybe a safe mode start?

You don’t have any metagrid like application to create the visibility configuration and then press enter? Maybe it’s saving each config with the same name and overwriting them?

I notice that when I uncheck a track, the “Set Track Visibility Agent” icon lights up. Not sure why. Should I have some particular setting on that dropdown, or the “Set Track Type Filter” drop down?

The default state is: All tracks are visible. Once you hide a single track, the icon lights up to inform you that a visibility agent has been applied (you have hidden one track).

The way I use the whole visibility config thing is this:

Starting with a whole mix visible, I just select (ctrl click) the tracks I want to show. Then I right click on one of them, and “Show only selected tracks”. Then I “Add configuration”, name it “Whatever name”. 1 down.

Right click on one of those few tracks and “Show All Tracks”. Select another batch of tracks that you want to have in configuration number 2. Right Click “Show only selected tracks”, “Add Configuration”, “name”. 2 down. Etc etc.

A configuration will always show, with the press of a button, the predetermined tracks it’s comprised of. Track filters and other agents are used for on-the-fly-filtering per track/channel type, even within a configuration.

For example I might have a project with 24 audio channels, 8 Instruments, 4 groups and 4 FX channels. I make a visibility configuration “Vocals” that only shows audio channels 12-18, instruments 3-4 , group 2, and fx 3 and 4. When I have the whole track list visible and press the button, only those tracks will show. Now, if I apply a track Filter “Audio Tracks”, I will be left just with the audio 12-18 tracks.

TL:DR; If you have a specific set of tracks that you always want to view together, and THOSE tracks ONLY, use a configuration. If you want to hop around showing/hiding all MIDI, or all Audio, or All tracks of a specific type, use the Track Filters. Or use both at the same time. Or use the inspector visibility tab if you’re already efficient at it.

Thanks very much for the info. I’ll take a look at it soon.

One note, I just noticed, it works fine with I do a configuration in the Mix Console!!!??


Just noticed it works in the project window when I disable “Divide Track List”, which I always use. Same when you try it?

Any workaround to make it work with Divide enabled?

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Ah, the divider. I’m afraid I won’t be able to test this at 10.5 today, as I’m away from my PC.

But, testing with cubase 12 here, I see that indeed visibility configurations do not apply to the top part of the divide list.

Edit: Workaround is, assign a key command to the divider to disable it just before recalling a configuration, and then enable it again. It will remember which track is supposed to go to which zone.

So instead of just using Alt Ctrl 1-8 to call the configuration, you can assign a Divide List keycommand to say Alt Ctrl Shift Up and quickly use that. AltCtrlShift+Up, AltCtrl+1, AltCtrlShift+Up. If you always work with a divider you can replace the default Alt Ctrl 1-8 keycommands with this macro and be done with it.

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Good tip (key command to enable/disable the divider).

Side question. I don’t know of a way to create presets that show the tracks at varying sizes. Also don’t see a key command to turn “edit in place” on and off for all tracks. I have to select all the tracks (which I don’t think there is a key command for either) and then use the “edit in place” key command…

Yes. There is no such command. You will have to use PLE presets to select what tracks you want, and then give the command. You can bake this into a macro too. If you have different selection criteria at different times, you will probably need more than 1 preset. (Unless you make a “select visible tracks” one, and switch visibility configuration for coarse filtering.

I don’t know of a way either. The interesting thing is, and I think I understand what you’re trying to do, is that if you Ctrl Shift I (in place edit) some six tracks let’s say, and then you resize the in place editor for each track separately, toggling Ctrl Shift I back and forth will remember each in place editor’s adjusted size. But the moment you apply a visibility configuration and come back, those custom sizes are forgotten.

Thanks. I’ll try out the macro option.

Yeah, the track size thing is tricky. I guess that I’ll have to leave the track size expanded and use the configurations to hide/show them, and not fool with resizing.

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p.s. I’m using a key command for changing the open/close state of folders that contain the word Midi. It’s a decent way to change the project window visibility in certain ways…

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