Track Visibility feature on Mix Console: Useful tool?

Hi All,

I am watching videos on YouTube about the mix console and the track visibility features. Is this something that is useful for you? Or do you find it to be one of those features you do no often use?

How do you use it productively, where you’re not wasting a lot of time setting the tracks visibility up?

I see the video and see how simple it is to make stuff disappear, but in the recording world, are you making good use of this? If so, can you please share. I am hoping to get more out of my Nuendo upgrades.

I use Cubase 8 but I assume the feature should be the same in Nuendo.

Yes, it’s very useful to me especially with loads of tracks, groups, fx channels. I made short cuts for “hide all but selected”, “hide selected tracks”, “show all tracks”.

If I have i.e. 20 drum tracks and 8 drum sub groups it’s easy to select them and instantly hide the rest via keycommand. That configuration can be saved and named, easy to recall - saves a lot of scrolling through the mixer.

Note that there’s a possible sync of mixer and project, accessible in the inspector/visibility tab/right click > sync project + mixer. Tracks created after you saved visibility configs will always be visible until you hide them (annoying but that’s the way it works at the moment).

Love love love this feature.

And to add to what marQs said, you can select multiple contiguous channels with one click-and-swipe in the Visibility Pane.

My dedicated Mixer Monitor shows about 24 channels comfortably - and I have 24 hardware faders. Not enough.
So, when mixing, the ability to “click, swipe, right click (for show only selected option), click” and 5 seconds I’m focused on the screen and my hardware for just the channels I’m working on.

You mentioned “time to set it up” . . there isn’t any.

As mentioned you can sync visibility with the project window - but I don’t. Just the way I work.

Oddly, I rarely use the preset “Configurations” option because it seems what I’m wanting to focus on is changing too much.
And setting up a configuration takes . . oh, at least 20 seconds!
Who has that kind of time? :unamused:


Edit: I, like marQs, am on Cubase

Excellent! Thank you guys! These tips will come in handy, as I try to incorporate it into my workflow. The shortcuts will definitely be the key to using this.

It seems that Nuendo has so many deep features and not knowing what is ideal for monitor screens, some features are often overlooked. I am excited to have my Nuendo setup in “Beast Mode”.

Thank you again.