Track visibility groups and fx channels

Is there a way to show all group and fx tracks in arrange windows on top of tracks with data? - using track visibility.
This will be very useful in mixing sessions with a lot of tracks.

I use show tracks with data all the time with my orchestral template (500+ tracks) but it doesn’t show the sub mix group tracks and fx tracks that are being used. Function to show all tracks with data and all group tracks and fx tracks will help me greatly with my workflow.

Any suggestions?



“Data” for Group and FX Channels means automation data. You could use a Macro:

  • Show all tracks with data
  • Show all Groups/FXs

Thank you for the reply Martin.
But, show tracks with data doesn’t show group or fx tracks even with automation data. It only shows midi or audio tracks with events on them.
Macro would be a great solution but I don’t see show all groups/fx command?


Then you can use Project Logical Editor to the 2nd command:
If Channel is Group or Channel is FX, set Visibility to shown.

…Something like this, I’m not in Cubase right now.

I tried using Project Logical Editor before, but it does not have a function to “show track”.
It only has “hide track”
Am I missing something?


The Project Logical Editor would look like this:
( Media Type is | Equal | Group | Or
Media Type Is | Equal | Effect )
Track Opeeration | Hide Track | Disable

By this PLE preset, you show all Group and FX tracks.

Thank you so much! This works perfect :slight_smile: