[Track Visibility] On the left panel, I wish they update it so we can adjust the width :)

One thing that is slightly bugging me is that,

When I am mixing, I tend to ‘tick’ and ‘untick’ frequently and side ‘visibility’ lane seems to be a bit narrow?

So I cannot check the full track name haha…

Um, not a huge minor but hopefully? Steinberg update on this :slight_smile:
Also I would loooove to make it adjustable also for, channel setting lane width! :slight_smile:


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You can change (a bit) the width of the Left Zone in the MixConsole. Would you expect more?

Hello Martin! :slight_smile: Oh, no :slight_smile:

I meant, not the console section, but the actual track info section of the other…?
I don’t know what to call it but when you open a project, hide the console,
you see the original window right? There, the left section of ‘track visibility’ width cannot be changed <—

Console left visibility width ‘can’ change I know :slight_smile:

Hey Martin, I think it is on the ‘track inspector’ left side?
Visibility option of ‘that’! sorry for not making it clear!

Yes, on console, it is really handy :slight_smile:


You are right, the Left Zone of the Project window is not resizable.

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Right thanks!