Track Visibility Question

I can’t get my Input & MIDI tracks to show on Mixer 1 in the Visibility list. All tracks show in the other 3 Mixer Views. How do I get those tracks to return in Mixer 1’s list?

If you’re taking about the list in the left lane then what shows up depends on what is made available in that drop-down list of view options. Can’t remember the name right now… “Channel types”?

If I remember correctly…

Yeah, I tried that (see screenshot). They didn’t come up. :confused:
I don’t understand it, the inputs and MIDI tracks show up on the other mixers AND the MIDI tracks show up in the project window, which is synched to the 1st mixer! So why don’t I at least have the MIDI track visible in the 1st mixer? :confused: :question: :confused:

Never mind, I found it in the channel racks. Thanks! :mrgreen:

I think I was thinking about “filter channel types” which is to the left of “configuration”, but either way you found it so…