Track visibility - set to not show deactivate

is there a way to stop deactivate track from showing up when you select visibility for track with data or Active track in the cycle marker ? seem really odd the inactive tracks show up


Sorry, I don’t understand your question.

Could you please describe step by step, what do you do, what happens and what you would expect?

Thanks Martin

Create some tracks
Add data to them midi or audio
Cycle them and show tracks with data between cycle
(Sorry if I got the actual name of that wrong)
You will see all the tracks .

Now deactivate one of the tracks and hide it
Cycle them and show tracks with data between cycle .
You will see all tracks still .

I was expecting to see tracks with active data only

I guess there is an argument to say the track which is deactivated, still has data. But I’m hoping there might be a hidden preference or something .

Hi Martin, I’ve worked it out and I’ve made a macro, in logical Editor works really well, After watching this just in case it helps anyone else thanks again

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You can even edit the MIDI data in the Deactivated MIDI Track. So there is no reason to consider it as a common MIDI Part and show the MIDI data in the Key Editor form my point of view.

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