Track Visibility Shortcut amount

Hai There,

Hereby I have a question regarding the Track Visibility option with key commands.
I am working on a template with over 300 tracks and I bought 5 Novation Launchpads to create a shortcut to each channel. It saves a lot of time… when this is possible.
I assumed this was possible since I thought it was pretty obvious for a daw like this, but now I find out the options for this are very limited in Cubase.
A maximum of 8 key command assignable Visibility Tracks is pretty bizar to me and I honestly don’t know why you can’t assign as much as you want.
I read somewhere one massage of a guy who had also 3 launchpads connected with Cubase and he was actually able to do the thing I want.
Am I missing a workaround here?

Please let me know



I’m confused by your report. Are you talking about the Visibility Configurations?

What is your use case? Why do you want to show only one track? Isn’t it better to open the Channel Settings Window of the selected track?

Hi Martin,

It would be nice to have all my classical instruments tracks assigned to their own dedicated seperate button. (Launchpad mini)
In my case 300+ instrument tracks. My goal is to switch between instruments with one press of a button. My workflow speed will increase enormously.
When I compose I like to switch between (for example) oboe 2 and cello 4, but now there is to much scrolling involed. To much travelling between tracks.

That’s an interesting approach.

So essentially you have 320 buttons at your disposal (5 launchpads x 64 pads?) that you want to use as track selectors. I think it’s fairly easy to do with the new remote, IF all 5 launchpads are detected fine, and they show up with their different ports and all.

It would be a case of just assigning a “select track” for each track in a 320 channel bank setup (I wonder if such a high number for banks is possible, I haven’t checked this.)

The really interesting thing would be if you could select MULTIPLE tracks and play them at the same time. E.g. Flute 1 + Oboe 1 + Violins I, II, or Bassoons + Horns + Violas + Celli. I can’t think of a fast and easy way to achieve this.


You could use any kind of Shift button to don’t hike already shown track(s). Then you could teach even the use case of multiple tracks.

Yeah, that would be awesome. For now I am just happy with only a single instrument track.
I found a way to make this actually work.

Generic Remote.

If you set it up exactly as on the picture below you are able to switch between every instrument in your template with one push of a button. Depending of how many buttons you have available offcource.

Really, for people with large orchestral templates this will speed up your workflow as crazy.

Keep in mind: I use Novation LaunchPads for this use.
Other controllers might not work the same way. But I wouldnt know why they shouldnt.



I can’t imagine to remember, on which Pad the track is. Do you use color coding on the pads. With the MIDI Remote, you could retrieve the track color and print it to the pad.

Thats the cool thing about the Launchpad.
Each button hold ledlights to which you can assign a specific colour.
Very easy.
How you set up the layout depends on your needs.
If you work with articulations you can print out the symbols and place them on the desired buttons