Track Visiblity question, colors problem


The color of Selected Tracks in the Visibility column is nearly impossible for me to see. It’s a great feature in the program, but I’m having a terrible time with it now. Please see attached screen. Is there a preference setting for this? I can’t find it if there is. :open_mouth:
Track Visiblity.png


Unfortunately, there is no Preferences for this. It has been asked multiple times here on the forum. And I would guess, this is already mentioned in the Feature Request forum here.

You can search for it, and add your +1 to it. :wink:

Thanks, Martin. Sorry to be redundant. This really hinders the functionality of the Visibility feature, which, itself is a very useful feature and works well. .

And, anyone can give a +1 to this post, too.

When you click on a midi track in visibility it looks just fine IMO. That might be due to altering colors to my own preferences.

But then when you click on anything else, it changes color to that ugly hard-to-see brown. Is that the same with you? I can’t imagine that was by design. Why would something not only change color but also change to a color you can hardly distinguish?

This indeed seems to be an issue of just the wrong color being used.

But why does it change color from an acceptable blue gray…then click anywhere outside the tabs and it changes to that ugly hard-to-see brown that was shown by Stephen? I would think it staying the same color would be proper design?

Or, maybe that is not happening for you and it has something to do with my custom colors?

I think that just has to do with focus. It’s like selecting some text and then clicking to another window, sometimes the blue will turn grey or whatever.

Answering all,

I’d call this a design flaw and not a program issue, but it very much hinders the functionality of the program’s visibility feature. :cry:

For example, if our example screen shot were a real project, then all those tracks – 10 midi, 10 audio – would be related to each other in various ways. As the project develops we often no longer need some of the original tracks but don’t want to delete them. A perfect time for use of Visibility controls. Select some tracks in the project and now the problem. We can’t find the Selected Tracks in the Visibility Column because of the color design flaw. It’s not possible to see them. :unamused: I’m not sure what’s best, but Selected Tracks should be highlighted with – a bright line around each selected track, perhaps they switch to reverse type, or get a bright color fill, I’m not sure but with – something to make them clearly visible in the Visibility Column. :bulb:

The functionality of the the Visibility controls is a great feature in the program; sadly, it, itself, has an issue with Visibility. :cry: How ironic is that? :wink:

This should be corrected. I’d hope it would be a relatively easy correction to implement.