hello all,

All audio tracks seem to load or import in at 0db by default…

Is there any way to change this default to a lower db for audio imports or new audio tracks???

I import large amounts of samples etc and if im mixing at high volume(occasionally) this kills my ears… not to mention the extra time it takes to go through and adjust to the appropriate volume for each track.

Thanks everyone!

If you are using Media Bay to import these files, the volume on the preview slider will translate
to the volume of the fader when the sound is imported.

In other words…
If you are preveiwing in Media Bay at -12db, when you import that file its fader will be set to -12db.
If you aren’t using Media Bay then I don’t think this can be accomplished.

Maybe someone can chime in if I’m wrong.
Macros maybe?

Thanks… i guess thats more incentive to use the media bay then.

Would be nice if there were a macros for it or something though.