track volume to send

Hey guys, i can´t find this on the manual.

Does cubase copy the volume channel (and pan) to the send?


Volume - obviously for postfader sends at 0dB, the send level is the same as the channel volume - the fader setting is not copied, which is good.
Pan - if the appropriate preference is set, otherwise you need to do it manually.

Yeah, it’s for pos fader! I´ll send de drum tracks for a third group and i want to copy the channel volume and pan.

You likely do not want to copy the volume and pan.
If the send is Post Fader, and the send is set to unity (0db), it would send the sound as it was after the fader.
Lets say the original sound was -4dbfs. Fader set to -2db. Panned L50. Send set to 0db.
Sound will flow to the send at -6dbfs, panned L50, the same as it would flow to the output routing for the channel.
If the send is set to -2db, the sound will flow to the send at -8dbfs, which is likely not what you want.

Not on my system ATM but is this not possible from the context menu like with the cue sends?