Track Waveform Colours Resetting To Default

I’m having an issue where if I change the track colour in a Montage in WL 11 Pro, after a few moments (or if I close and re-open the Montage) the colour of the waveform just resets itself back to the default color, BUT the colour in the little square in inspector window doesn’t, this stays the color I’ve just assigned it to. So at the moment, I’ve just assigned 3 different colours to 3 different tracks and all the waveforms have defaulted back to purple, yet in the Insector Window the new colours are still there.

And this happens on WL on both of my main machines ie. a Mac mini M1 running Monterey, and an older MacBook Pro running Intel i5 Big Sur.

Am I doing something wrong, or misunderstanding how track colors work, or is this a bug? Any help or advice greatly appreciated.

What happens during that moment? I guess if you for a tea and come back 5 minutes later, you screen has not changed.

Note that the colorization of montage elements are subjects to undo/redo.

Yes true, if I leave it nothing happens. But I’ve just been doing a bit more testing - if I drag clips along the timeline or onto another track, or adjust fades and volume envelopes, do crossfades, then nothing happens. BUT if I cut/paste or copy/paste a clip to somewhere else in the montage, or if I split a clip, then all the waveforms revert back to the default colour…It’s very strange!