Track waveform stops scrolling

Sometimes on playback or record, the track waveform just stops in one place. Sound continues but it’s a pain in the aha.


Does it happen in the Project window? Can you see the waveform in the Sample Editor? What happens, if you Zoom In and Out?

Hi Martin,
Looks like there’s a setting to have the cursor follow the scrolling track. Away from audio computer now but will post when I see it again. Thanks.

Auto Scroll.
You can active or de-activate this by pressing the “F” key.
What this does is, when activated and you press the play button, the transport starts moving on the screen, once it reaches the right end your screen will jump over, this means the transport is always going to be visible.
If you turn it off, the screen will stay fixed while the transport moves, even when it goes off screen.


You can read more in the manual.

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Yes…amazing how many answers to my questions are in the manual.
You’d think I’d learn, eh?
Thanks for your patience.