Track Waveforms look “clipped”

Okay, I guess 15 minutes of searching with no answer is enough so I’ll ask you all:
Waveforms in my project tracks look clipped, completely slammed up against the top and bottom of the track boundary.
No way to edit and it makes me very nervous to see that. I’ve opened the clips in Sonar and Sound Forge and they’re fine. How do I get Cubase to display the waveforms normally. Thanks for the help!

Hi there

There is a little slider that expands the waveform on the right of the display, can’t remember exactly where(not at my machine atm) but I once had the same problem a loooooong time ago, it’s there , you’ll find it😊.

Best Regards, Dave

Search for “waveform zoom”

Thank you! I have no idea why it starts out zoomed so far in.