Track won't unmute (Solved)


I am relative new to Cubase Artist 8.5 and I have recorded a voice track. Put a sound track from an earlier created mp3 along with it. At first when I hit play I would hear both but the music was too loud. So I am trying to make them work better together. The result is now that in the Mixconsole I see the audio track on Mute and no matter what I do it won’t unmute.
The music I can still hear. I can see the meter moving in the audio voice meter, but I cannot hear it.

Any suggestions? I am done after 2 hours of trying to get this to work


Check to see if you have a automation track associated with the audio track. That automation track could be set to mute and give you the results you are seeing.

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Thanks, I already found the solution some time this weekend.

Just sayin… It is good practice that you share the solution and then put (Solved) in the thread topic.

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Hi Prock,

this is my first post and I did not know this.

Solution : I somehow turned out panel to off, turned it on again and everything is fine


Nice… :slight_smile: and welcome!

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