Trackball Rotation of CR Big Red Button

Hi, I recently aquired the Slimblade Pro trackball and while intuitively, one generally turns something clockwise to increase the value of something like volume, I notice in the MixConsole that twisting the ball clockwise reduces volume. Faders go down. While I can get used to this - its a whole other story for the big red button in the Control Room section. Rotating the trackball clockwise makes the big red button move counter-clockwise. Is there a way to fix this so that when I move the trackball clockwise, the big red button moves clockwise as well, rather than the opposite direction?

Can’ you adjust that in the Kensington settings?

You can use KensingtonWorks and revert the direction of the wheel scrolling.

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I should have mentioned that I was aware that one can reverse the scrolling in KensingtonWorks - however that would be a catch-all reversing everything… including scrolling the timeline.
I was just looking for specifically setting up the big red button so that its visual rotation on screen matched the physical rotation being performed on the trackball.

You don’t have presets in KensingtonWorks for specific applications?

Yes, what I’m saying is even if I reverse scrolling for Cubase, that means that the right to left scrolling of the timeline (which is fine as it is) plus all the plugins where the knobs on-screen rotations also match the physical rotation of the trackball… would now be reversed. :dizzy_face: So, unless I am missing something here, I would be making counter-intuitive ALL the other knobs (opposite on-screen rotation to physical rotation) for the sake of just having the big red button move in the matching direction. This would just make me go nuts lol. This is why I would like to see Steinberg fix this or make it more intuitive. The rest is fine. If there’s a way to set this up specifically in KensingtonWorks, then I’d love to know how! Surely I can’t be the first to feel how odd it is to see something go left when I’m turning right, when all the other knobs work intuitively?

fwiw, I’m not seeing that on my machine (specs in profile)

Me neither.

I can’t remember which way it is but , with the windows Trackball driver it’s automatically reversed , if you change direction the the trackball app then it works as expected

are you saying that when you turn your trackball clockwise, the big red button on screen turns clockwise too?

Ah! I see what you are saying – and no! It doesn’t.

My confusion stems from the fact that I relate to the the Kensington style scroll wheel like like this:

  • clockwise lowers values,
  • counter clockwise raises values.

My logic goes like this: On a regular scroll wheel, up raises values, down lowers values. I’m right handed, so I put a finger on the right side of the Kensington wheel, so when my finger goes up, the value goes up. If I were lefthanded I would want to reverse everything, so in that case my finger would be on the left side of the wheel.

I had not even thought about it graphically as you do. Unfortunately, Cubase only relates to increasing or decreasing, and the CR button is just a value like all the others.

I do agree it would be nice to be able to set the Cubase scroll direction depending upon the element being scrolled,

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