Has anyone else had issues with CUBASE 8 crashing upon the VST 2 process when you first Open Cubase 8? I keep getting a error that mentions Trackerbird_DLL unloaded.

Creation Station
i7- 2600 CPU 3.40Gz
64 Bit
Windows 7 Pro


you would need to spot which software uses Trackerbird. Given it occurs during VST initialization, it is most likely a plug-in. Updating the .NET Framework might help, but checking the C++ Redist installations could also be a good idea.


Yeah I just search all my drives for that file name and deleted them. Every thing seems to work better. I’m still working through plug-in issues. My older JBridge files seemed to be making Cubase 8 mad as well. So I started deleting some of the older stuff; I upgraded to 64bit format on most of them. Much needed house cleaning.

Did you try to tweak jBridge’s options? In the past I had good results. Today I’m only using one VSTi with jBridge, but I didn’t even need to update (neither the app nor the wrapped plug-in). But the outcome of bridging can vary wildly.

I know there is an updated version which is recommended for Cubase 8 users, you might want to try that out and check out some of the per-plugin options in jBridge.