Is there a tracklimit on VST Transit? Have made a template for my band for when we start recording our new album, but when I try to sync it in VST Transit, it won’t sync all the tracks. And yes, there is a lot of tracks in the project.

I wouldn’t know of a track limit. Are the tracks you want to upload at the end of the track list?
You are aware that there is a limit to how much you can upload depending on your account, right?

Missing tracks all over the place, some of the first tracks, some in the middle, some at the end. I have the 12XL package.

That‘s strange. If you let me know your Transit user name (not mySteinberg, but your username in VST Transit as in your Transit profile) we can try to analyse. Also the name of the project would be good to know.

my username is thelastdungeonstudio and the project name is album template

Hi Treven

My Cubase 10.0.15 seems to work - despite many other user experience - without any problems so far. I didn’t have the possibility yet to check out VST Transit but if I may then I will get the same subscription you have, connect to your project and tell you the results as well.

Just one little thing… please add a signature containing information like mine. That might help to find a solution.

thanks, we are looking into it.


Hm. We have analysed it - and it looks fine. Is it possible that you can give us the original Cubase project file? Without any media data? Just the cpr file? Is it also possible to add me to that project? My transit username is mspork.


Hi. Somehow it worked itself out, didn’t do anything, but now everything is in there.