Tracklist in midi editing mode like S1 and PT


I wish there will be someday a tracklist in midi editing mode like there is in Studio One or Pro Tools. I am currently working on PT but for several reasons I would like to crossgrade to Cubase/Nuendo.

This particular feature is a fundamental in my workflow and I can’t work/orchestrate well without this. I tried many workarounds but when I want to display only a few tracks, then to add more tracks, and then choose another few tracks etc… It’s always painful and not practical at all compare to do this particular task in a tracklist window.

Maybe those who work(ed) in Pro tools could understand this and found a workaround to work efficiently with this workflow :wink: But by now, this lack force me to stay with my lovely buggy one Pro Tools …

Thanks for your reading, advice and support !

This can be very useful.

Steinberg seems to works on new features for electro or hiphop but let orchestral music composers beside imo…
Glad the soft is already full of hidden gems, but some features are missing.

Indeed for my orchestration I need to swap everytime and use macro. This would help us to save a huge amount of time. :smiley:

One question: Does the list only display the MIDI events that were selected prior to opening the editor?. Or does the list display every track in the project?. Because if it is the latter, it would be more difficult to navigate.
Such a list would sit well in the Inspector of the Key Editor IMO. And since Steiny DOWNGRADED!! the lists in the Key Editor to NOT!! respond to the mouse wheel, this would be very welcomed. :smiley:

Maybe I’m missing what the difference is?

You also have track search ctrl+F which is very handy.

You could also create a PLE to ‘Select all visible MIDI events’ and open editor, and then they would all show up in the MIDI part menu

Thank you for your reply and gifs !

But what I see in your gifs is a way to select tracks one by one (maybe I’m wrong ?)

The track list let me choose rapidly what tracks I want to see, it’s especially useful when orchestrating, I can select strings, woodwinds or other groups, or select certain tracks let me view the whole harmony. In cubase you have to select region to open them in the midi editor, and do the same way if you want to add a track in the midi editor window.

It’s time consuming, but maybe there is another way to achieve this but I haven’t seen yet.

Just select the track and hit ‘A’ (select all events on track), this will make all MIDI events on that track appear

In the visibility inspector, you can also shift+click the check mark to see only that track or folder.
Here I am doing: ‘Shift-Click’ check mark, select track, press ‘A’.

Again, thanks for the gifs !!! It’s a great workaround, I’ll give a try :wink: