Trackpad direction change from iPad type to the old-fashione

Please, help: I cannot find where can I change my trackpad behaviour from iPad type to good old reversed one.

I.e., I want my timeline move opposite way and not with my fingers on the trackpad.
No such thing to find in the Preferences.

MacPro, Snow Leopard

Thank you.

Aloha C,

In Cubase ‘Preferences’, no.

But in yer Mac’s ‘System Preferences’ there is a Trackpad icon. Clik it.

Once in there look for a tab called:
‘Scroll and Zoom’.

Tick the top most box called: Scroll direction:natural
to change the movement from ‘new to old’ and vice versa.

Good Luck!

Hola Curt,

been there, done that :slight_smile:
All my assets run properly, in good old fashioned way.
It is just lovely Cubase. Sort of bug, methinks. Vertical thing is fine, it’s just sideways iPodish :slight_smile:

Maybe it’s just my old Snow Leopard, and I cannot mount the Mavericks on such an ancient machine.

But thanks anyways :slight_smile:

Ah! I perceive.

Same as with my laptop (see sig).
I cannot get past 10.7 (Lion) with that machine.

There is a free app called: Better Touch Tool (BTT)
Check it out. It might help in your situation.

And did I mention it is free? :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Good luck C!

Hi Curt!
Thank you for your help but I could not use it for BTT “does not work on my platform”.
I need a new machine, I guess.
Take care :slight_smile: