Trackpad sticks to points in dynamics lane

Dorico 5, Play mode, using a trackpad in the dynamics lane. First click selects a point I wish to alter, and the point is stuck forever. Clicking, double clicking, Shift, Al Control click - it will not release the point. The only option is restart.
Anyone else seeing this behavior? Also happens with a Magic Mouse. BUT using a wired mouse, the second click is recognized and the point is re-located.
UPDATE-Also found that if I plug-in the trackpad using the charging cable the problem is resolved. Bluetooth issue??
UPDATE two - eveidently an evolving issue. Stuck again with the Trackpad plugged-in.

Have you tried to disable tap to click in the OS?

Thanks -It is disabled.

Sorry for the inconvenience caused by this bug. It’s caused by a change in behaviour in the new version of the Qt framework that Dorico is built upon. We’ve got a workaround for this problem and it will be included in the next update to Dorico 5, which is coming soon.

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