TRackS 3 Deluxe User Presets not loading?

Hello fellow Cubasers. Quick question. Anyone here use TRackS 3 Deluxe? And if so, have you experienced any problems loading VSTPRESETS to the plugins that were created on version 3.1.2? i’ve noticed that the plugins only load TR3M Preset Files created on 3.5 versions (user presets won’t load; factory presets load fine). Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.

.fxb/p support ended with C4. You need to redo them in VST3 format.

You were right on it mashedmitten! The presets i created were through the jBridge ap. Since then, IK now has 64 bit plugs. So, what i had to do was put a plugin up with jBridge side by side with a 64 bit one and copy the settings. :sunglasses: i have the created presets back! Thanks for the valuable info! :sunglasses: