Tracks and events that “jump out of view”

Hi all,
Has anyone else had thise annoying problems -

When I have more than a full screen of midi and audio tracks and I want to move one of them either forward or backward, I tap the track to highlight it, I zoom in to observe the movement and as soon as I proceed to move this track it instantly scrolls up the screen out of view, this does not happen the second time I touch this track.
The second problem I have encountered and previously reported is editing Automation events, when I tap the Select tab, highlight events that I want to slightly move, I turn off Select to prevent events becoming de-selected when touched, but when attempting to move the highlighted events they instantly scroll to the right of the screen out of view, this continues until I close Cubasis and try again- successfully this time. I will try and get a screen recording of these events, but I just wanted to know if anyone else had these problems?

Hi @fixitmania53

Please share a clip with us which shows all steps leading to the issue, to allow our engineering evaluating the problem.