Tracks and Regions from Daw to Dorico

I have noticed that if I have multiple regions on a single track instead of one region per track, then Dorico will interpret the related exported MIDI file as if each single region is a new player.
At least this is what happens with Logic Pro.
One solution could be to join all regions, but this way I’ll miss the visual clues in the DAW.
I wonder if this happens in Cubase as well.

When you import the MIDI file into Dorico, you can determine the mapping from tracks to instruments in the MIDI import dialog, so even if each track starts of targeting a different player, it’s easy to sort this out before you import the music.

Thank you, that I figured out (thanks to the wonderful tutorials) but I was just wondering if such behaviour is common to all DAWS or specific.

It’s common to all MIDI files, wherever they come from.

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