Tracks bleeding into each other

Hello, ive been out of music for a while and I have recently purchased an Apollo Twin. I can record tracks one and two into Cubase 8 but then when I attempt any more, both tracks and any sample drums all bleed onto any extra track I record. I know its going to a simple set up issue but after 4 days trying i need help. Regards, Ian

I’m having a similar issue. I am using a Yamaha mixer. I recorded a clicktrack on track 1 then recorded a guitar riff on track 2. When I play back track 2 solo, I hear the click track. I recorded a rhythm guitar track on track 3 and when I play that back solo I can hear tracks 1 and 2 in the background. It has to be something simple we are overlooking.


Isn’t there any kind of Loopback Recording on the Audio Device enabled?