Track's colors

please give us different color schemes for the tracks not only this sweet rainbow scheme
in my opinion they are out of place in a DAW

You can change the palette.

Though you can change the colors, it would be more comfortable to have a bigger palette with different tones as Pro Tools has.
Thanks for your request, +1

i’m not talking about intensity or brightness but about their charater and mood
they are not right for me they look like being taken out of a Girl’s doll dress

@Rockerfeller313 you can make the color pallet as big as you like (well there must be some limit but it’s big).

@Gregio you can change the items in the pallet to any color you want (not just modifying “intensity or brightness”). You could have a pallet that is 50 different shades of grey if you wanted. :astonished: You can also give each item a meaningful name. For example I’ve attached a screen grab of my pallet which has about 50 items.

If you search the forums there are a couple of old threads where folks were sharing huge pallets (too large for my taste, but…).