Tracks disappear in front of my eyes!

Can anyone explain what is happening, with Cubase 5, to make all my tracks (including vst drum track) disappear from the project window and mixer window simultaneously, like a row of dominoes, but in a split second? :astonished:

All I had done was press the ,< key to return to the start of the song. ‘CTRL + Z’ brought back one of the tracks so I checked the ‘EDIT’ menu and saw that the last action to undo was ‘Delete.’ One by one I brought my tracks back to the page, saved, and tried to return to the start to check everything still sounded ok, but the tracks all disappeared again. This time ‘Undo Delete’ worked for a split second but then the track repeatedly disappeared on its own. Looking at empty project and mixer windows I tried to find out what had happened by opening the ‘History’ panel and the only actions listed there were the 8 deletions in question, unresponsive to any clicking. I closed without saving but, when I opened the project again, I was still looking at an empty project window.
Before closing and switching off, I checked explorer and saw all the files were still in place in the project folder and, on rebooting, I opened the project from there. I have since carried on without a hitch, but nervously expecting disaster at any moment. I had previously had a few ‘CPU overload, Audio Drop-out’ messages (once when only 7 tracks of audio were up, before any FX or plug-ins were in action) and once got a blue screen crash.

Should I be worried about my hard drive or anything? :question:


Sounds like a graphics issue to me but, who knows as you have not listed any specifics about your computer OS, hard drive or graphics card. I will mention that you should ensure that the drivers for these devices are up to date.

Regards :sunglasses:

Thanks for your reply, Prock.
If specifics would help diagnose what caused this…
DAW: Cubase 5, OS: Win 7 pro x64, CPU: Intel Core i5-3470 @ 3.2 GHz, RAM: 8GB, Graphics: GeForce 210

Up to date drivers sounds like a good idea for a start, but I’d love to hear a better reason than, “feck me, what do you do to your computers!? I’ve never encountered owt like the shit that 'appens to you!”