Tracks don't lock to cursor in midi editor

I am working on an all midi project. In order to get all the tracks working together I am doing a lot of fine editing, The section I’m editing is 12 bars. First I edit the 10th bar of the bass track which is where the cursor sits. But when I switch to the guitar (or any other track) the midi editor displays bar 3 or thereabouts. So i have to navigate back to bar 10. This happens every time I select a new track to edit, which is very annoying and a waste of time.

To me it makes sense for the editor to open where the cursor is. Is there a switch to make it work this way? If not, what is the rationale for the existing behavior?

I don’t know what the rational is, but I have a decent workaround. Hit zoom in then zoom out (g then h), assuming Follow is turned on, the editor will move to where the cursor is.

(Slapping my forehead) that’s a great idea, I see a new macro in my immediate future.

thanks steve