Tracks don't lock to cursor in midi editor

I am working in an all midi project with a big rack of vst instruments. I am doing a lot of detailed editing to get things working together. For example I am working on the bass part at bar 10 of a 12 bar chorus. So next I want to check the piano part to see how that sits against the bass in the same bar 10. But when I select the piano in the project window the midi editor pops up at bar 3, so I have to navigate forward to bar 10. :angry: This happens every time I select a different track, drives me crazy. What I want is for the midi editor to open centered on the cursor. Is there a way to get it to do that? And if not, what is the rationale for this seemingly arbitrary and time wasting behavior?


Are you on Mac or Windows.

Double-press F (Auto-Scroll) to switch it Off and On is a workaround.