Tracks export in Cubase Artist 11

I am having trouble exporting tracks to mix in Pro Tools Ultimate.
I bought Artist 11 version since I just use it for exporting tracks from my client’s files but I discovered that it lacks the most important part: The channel export window. Only stereo mix is allowed.

  1. I have tried the “bounce selection” but I had errors in files (distorted rendering and also the files are not starting form bar 1 (Yes I also recorded a little bit up front)
  2. I tried AAF and all wors fine but I have all mono tracks and names are mismatched.

I used the Pro version export and worked fine so for me is uncomprehensible why such a vital funcion is not available into the Artist version, since it’s more directed to collaboration with other professionals.

So is there anyone that use regularly the Artist version exporting successfully to other DAW? If you ask, I like to mix in pro tools, I am way faster and more comfortable in PT since I use it since 1994 (I even tried it before…)




You can try Render in place for each track
select one or more instrument tracks, or MIDI tracks, and select Edit > Render in Place > Render Settings

I did that, but I ended up with files in .flac, and some tracks were distorted. And I was not starting from bar one.
Also is very difficult to distinguish which ones are the new tracks concerning the originals.