Tracks & Folders cannot be double-clicked and "Renamed" in Track List in Windows 10

Can someone explain why Tracks and Folders cannot be “renamed” by double clicking their name in the track list in Cubase Pro 11? Renaming is possible in ALL previous Cubase versions on my same desktop computer except version 11 and above (11.0.41).

I’ve tried trashing/rebuilding the presets in all versions but it still does not fix the Cubase 11 renaming problem. I have to rename the tracks either in the mixer or triple click on their name in the track inspector (at top). Folders cannot be named so I have to create new ones and transfer their contents.

I’ve even had a technician (with a trouble ticket attached) from Steinberg who logged onto my computer using team viewer to try and fix the problem. He couldn’t find a solution either. Now months later, I never heard back with a solution. Now I’m concerned about upcoming version 12 and upgrading to that if this continues to happen.

Can anyone offer any suggestions/solutions on how to remedy this problem? I don’t know what else to try. Thanks for any potential help!

It cannot be explained, because it’s working normally.

Problem is, if others can’t reproduce it, they can’t search for a workaround. I have not seen any posts that also mention this problem, so it’s likely local to your system.

There’s no procedure known as

Unless you’re refering to initializing Cubase preferences.

Anyway, as a cure, the first thing that comes to mind would be the double-click speed you have set in your computer’s preferences.

The gif below shows me double-clicking and also using the Tab key to navigate from track to track.

However, the same clicking speed works fine in all previous versions. :blush:

Yes, initializing Cubase preferences did not solve the issue.

If this helps, here is the trouble ticket number for complete details:
RE: [ ref:_00D30F1z._5004S22iWv:ref ]

Did you at least try the workaround?

Mouse speed is system-based and not specific to each version of Cubase. It already works fine in Cubase 8, 9, & 10.