Tracks from project tempo

When using Tracks from project

If the tempo of the project that you want to refer to and the tempo of the active project are different

In Cubase 12, the tracks of the project that we’re going to refer to
It was imported in line with the active project tempo

But on Cubase 13
Tempo information does not change to suit the active project

How do I set up the auto quantize import feature like Cubase 12?

And the developers

When updating
I hope you don’t change the function that works well


What exactly do you mean, please? Could you be more specific? Maybe a screenshot might help.

When using the Tracks from project feature

In the cubase 12 image above
Regions have been grid-adjusted and imported

But in cubase 13
Grid of regions not adjusted


Are the MIDI Tracks set to the Musical Time base, please?

In the track inspector window, it says musical mode

I didn’t activate the musical mode separately


I mean the one on the Track, the Musical Timebase.

Yes, as you said, the tracks in both versions are in musical mode

I don’t know if the settings have changed while updating
Or I’d like to ask you if there’s a problem with the update

I showed you that it’s different from the previous version

I have given up on solving this problem
Just answer if this is an update error or if I set it up wrong

If my cubase setting is wrong, I’ll fix it
If not, I’ll wait for an update