Tracks/Groups/Fxs families

Hello everyone,

One function that I would like to see one day is the track family system. For example in audiovisual, if we define the families “Directs”, “Effects”, “Ambiances”, “Musics” etc, and we assign all the tracks and groups corresponding to the good families, that would allow that if we sends all the tracks in the same FX track (reverb for example), it comes out automatically in good stems for writing, without having to duplicate the FX reverb track 4 times with hazardous links. This would require that the FX or Groups tracks can independently process signals from different families.

For me it would be a huge advantage for audiovisual, cinema.
I think that in music too it would have many advantages.

I think the short answer to what you ask is that it isn’t really possible technically.

In addition to that I’d say that we’ve had great engineers doing this for decades and there’s a semi-established way of doing this and it’s by now pretty efficient.

I think it’s technically possible, afterwards I don’t realize if it’s worth it compared to the risk of complication of the interface. What solution are you talking about? Link as many FX tracks as there are sound families?

By possible I mean that the FX track will simulate the plug-in (reverb for example) as many times as there are families (Directs, FXs, Amb, etc)

I think I understand what you’re looking for. I suppose it could be possible, just with a fair amount of behind the scenes routing necessary.

The “solution” I was talking about is indeed to simply duplicate the reverbs as needed.

I actually think there is a benefit to this though, because you might end up wanting to change the properties of the effect(s) depending on the scene, and so with only one setting being used you’re stuck. I understand that having to adjust several verbs on adjacent FX channels is time consuming, but I don’t really think it’s that big of a deal. Using presets and key commands it should be possible to deal with it fairly quickly.

Using quick link it is just a matter of selecting the tracks and adjusting them. Extremely fast and easily allows for individual adjustments when needed.

And although I can understand the logic of the request I don’t see it ever being actually useful when it is always hwtdblinked as per the OP.