Tracks missing on wav file

I have an older version of Wavelab 4 which I had on an older XP machine which crashed. When I re-installed it on my repaired machine, the program works fine, seemingly. However I noticed that when I bring in a file from a Korg Digital Multi track Recording machine (which is a .cda file), only one track of 9 or two tracks of 6 will play back. It’s like it’s only selecting a “layer” of the mixed down recording. When I play it on another machine that has the same version of Wavelab, the playback is full, but not on the reinstalled version. Also, when I play the .cda CD in my car is too is a full recording, but on Wavelab, only the piano or only the guitar will play and everything else is a distant faint echo. Does anyone know if there is some sort of layering setting or something that I don’t have right? It’s really wierd. Gary