tracks mixed down in cubase to -0.10db showing up louder in wavelab

i’ve noticed that mixdowns that i’ve exported in cubase pro 10.5 with an output level of -0.10db are showing up in wavelab elements 9.5 much louder. sometimes upwards to +2db. anyone know why this is so?

This is probably because WL uses standard metering with True Peak values, and Cubase uses digital peaks. Digital values represent the real sample value, while true values are ‘analog reconstructed’ values. This has to do with (predicted) intersample peaking after DA conversion. -0.10 dB is way to close to 0, certainly if you later will convert files to mp3 for instance, which will create new (even digital) peaks.

i’ve exported in cubase pro 10.5 with an output level of -0.10db

How can you be sure that this mixdown really has -0.10 dB ?

i’m using the universal audio precision maximizer as the last insert in my stereo output in cubase set to -0.10db. the level meter on the stereo out in cubase also shows exactly -0.10 as the loudest peak.

really? i read -0.10db for cd, -0.30 for digital streaming. this is also the set value for broadcast in the UAD precision maximizer. is this not correct?

If you investigate, I think you’ll find many mastering engineers keep -1 dB as a limit for True peaks in the highest format (usually .wav with various SRs and bit depths). And that would be to mitigate peaking as a result of mp3 conversion or deterioration from streaming services. Look at the global analysis function in WL, where you can see both True and Digital peak values for the same file.