Tracks moving to middle zone

If a track in the mixer is in the left or right zone and is then switched off and on again, it appears in the middle zone. This should not be the case. It should rather appear in the zone it was in before.


What do you mean by switching track Off an On? Do you mean to Disable/Enable track, or do you mean the Visibility, or something different? Thank you.

Please excuse me for not using the correct technical term. Of course I meant disable/enable.


I can reproduce it now. If you don’t open the MixConsole window when the track is disabled, the issue doesn’t appear.

So the steps are:

  • Add a track.
  • Open MixConsole and set the track to the Left Zone.
  • Disable the track.
  • Open MixConsole and Close it again.
  • Enable the track.
  • Open MixConsole.
    => The track moves to the Center Zone.

tw, it was in Cubase 12 already too.

Reported to Steinberg. Thank you.