Tracks receiveing unwanted pitch bend

I’ve noticed this issue starting with 9.5 but it may be that it’s something else in my setup

I’ll often be listening to some midi on a loop and things will start to sound 1 semi too low, often on the track i’m editing. I’ve found that if I draw a line of pitch bend data at 0 for that region of midi, it will snap back to correct, but it’s a bit of a pain. I don’t have any external controllers attached, so I’m not really sure where this little phantom pitch bend is coming from.

It happens especially if I’m looping some midi and I change the patch on the synth. (doesn’t seem to matter which synth) The loop will start playing at -1 semitones when the new patch kicks in

Anyone else experience this?



Could you add a MIDI Insert MIDI Monitor, just to make sure some of the device really send the PitchBend. What synth is it?

Thanks, I will try that out and report back if I catch it next time. It seemed to be happening on quite a few different synths. Some running through jbridge, but not all.