Tracks with 'independent' chord sequences / 'Hyperscribe'

Hi there,

I’m a long-time Finale user who’s just recently started to test Dorico. Please help with the following:

  1. In my Finale score I can easily use different VSTi-s with loop function by creating tracks and assigning chord sequences to these tracks, with no limitation to the number of such tracks. When I attempt to import my Music XML file (from Finale) into Dorico, I get only ONE ‘chord track’ and only one VSTi can be assigned to play back this chord sequence. Although I can see the chord symbols above the rest of the original ‘chord tracks’, they can’t be played back. :frowning:( Is it possible to create tracks with ‘independent’ chord sequences for different loops in Dorico?
  2. Are you going to create a sort of live-MIDI-recording option with quantization, something similar to Finale’s Hypersribe?

(upd. 11th Jan) Attached is the picture of the ‘independent’ chord tracks in Finale, i.e. the empty tracks that contain only chords and can be used for playing VSTi-s with loop function (mainly for accompaniment).


  1. At the moment you can have only a single track for chord playback in Dorico because chord symbols are system-attached.

  2. Yes, we definitely plan to add real-time MIDI recording in the future, but I can’t say exactly when this will be.

I hope you enjoy the rest of your evaluation of Dorico. Do sing out if you have any more questions.

Hi Daniel,

I’ve just installed Dorico Pro 2 and have not found either real-time MIDI recording option or ‘independent’ chord tracks. Any idea when users may expect these features in Dorico?

Yeah, Dorico is getting slicker, but still lacks essential capabilities that Finale has…


Neither of these features are included in the current version of Dorico. Real-time MIDI recording is a high priority and we plan to add it soon, hopefully (though I cannot promise it) in a free update to come later this year; it will not, however, be included in the forthcoming update. Making it possible to attach chord symbols to an individual staff is also definitely in our plans, but it is not currently as high priority as real-time MIDI recording, and I can’t say for sure when it will be included.

“Yay!” re: real-time midi :slight_smile: (just wanted to say). Also LOVING the new jazz font!

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