TrackVersions affecting CPU?


I have a quick question:

Does an audio event in a non-active TrackVersion affect the project’s CPU?

Example: I have a 3 minute vocal that I have stretched using a lot of AudioWarp. Now, I want to save CPU, so normally I would render/bounce the warp changes to do this. However, if I want to be able to go back and edit some warp marker, do I need to make a new track and freeze the previous one in order to save CPU?

My ideal scenario would be that I could have my TrackVersions as follows: “Raw”, “Warped”, “Tuned” and “Rendered”. But will the AudioWarp and VariAudio being active in the non-active TrackVersions still be a burden on my CPU?

I hope you’ll understand my question,
thanks in advance!

(FYI I’m running Cubase 8.5)

Suspect it doesn’t but I doubt anyone knows for sure.

You could just test it yourself & find out. The difference (if any) on a single track might be too small to detect, so do it using a bunch of tracks and look at your CPU performance before & after.